Doing Our “Bit” for Empowerment

by | Mar 3, 2019 | Acting in Faith, Empower Her

Last month I shared about one of World Hope International’s Core Values – Sustainability and now I want to talk about another of our Core Values – Empowerment.

I love it when I see empowerment at work, watching someone who has been invested in with time and resources, become stronger within themselves and contributing to their community and then investing and empowering others.

Here at World Hope International Australia, I have a team of volunteers who are passionate about our ministry and projects around the world.  I love to watch their enthusiasm grow as they are invested in with time and resources which they then use to raise awareness and funding for our projects.  Pastor Scott Griffith is one of our amazing volunteers who travelled on a Cambodia Experience Tour in December 2018 to visit WHI and partner projects so that he could understand our ministry and be better qualified to lead teams himself.

Scott, briefly tell us about yourself.

I am 27, married to my wife Jade, and have a nearly 2-year-old daughter Vivienne. Our second child is due in August. I am pastor of Gayndah Wesleyan Methodist Church, a small congregation in a small country town in Queensland. I am also a high school chaplain. Between these two jobs, I get plenty of opportunities to help the people in my community. I enjoy motorbikes, NRL (Rugby League), and spending time with my friends and family.  

How did you become involved in World Hope International?

I had been challenged by a speaker I was listening to at a conference, to “do my bit” when it comes to facing the injustice and social evil that exists in the world today. So I called Ruth Thomas from World Hope Int (Australia) and asked her if there was anything I could do to help her, and it snowballed from there. I am now going to lead at least one team each year to Cambodia, to see the projects that World Hope are leading there.

Where did you start your World Hope Experience Tour?

Our World Hope Experience Tour began in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We covered the width of the country in 12 days. It was a lot of time in travel, however, the purpose behind the trip was to get a broad picture of the different projects WHI is involved in across the country. It was a fascinating learning experience for myself, my dad, and my mate who came with me.

What was the highlight of the World Hope Experience Tour?

The highlight of my tour was learning about what the nation of Cambodia has been through in its recent history. We met with a local missionary/historian who helped us to understand some of the trauma that this nation has experienced and although heart-wrenching, it helped me to understand why things are the way they are. Understanding their history, helped me to understand them and to find greater compassion and desire to help in the future.

Can you tell us an example of how you saw World Hope empowering women?

 Throughout our tour, I could sense World Hope’s desire to work toward the empowerment of women. As well as working with women who are part of the World Hope Cambodia staff — truly gifted leaders, I could see that the communities that World Hope are working in were full of women who were being empowered.

Whether they were creating an income for their family or finding a way to lead or get involved in a positive community project, the value of women was clearly displayed. Even the men’s group we joined discussed what it meant for men in the community to empower women.

What can Australians do to help with the programmes that World Hope has in Cambodia?

There is so much we can do! Add this country and World Hope’s work to your prayer list. Give financially from your business, church, or personal finances. Come with me on our next World Hope Experience Tour (Dec 2-14 2019) and see firsthand the people, the place, and the work that is happening there.

For information on how to join the next World Hope Experience Tour, contact our office by email or at +61 7 3624 9977. You can also participate in our celebration of International Women’s Day by sharing on social media how you empower women and girls locally or globally. Tag us @worldhopeorg and use #EmpowerHer!