From Student to Educator: A Child Sponsorship Alumna Shares Her Story

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Access to Education, Child Sponsorship, Philippines, Protection, Youth Empowerment

Today a teacher in the Philippines, Kate is an alumna of World Hope International’s Child Sponsorship program. Here’s a snippet of her story, in her own words…

I’m Kate! I grew up in a Christian family, my parents are both pastors. Last year, the first semester of my internship began: on and off Campus Practice Teaching. In November 2019, I was awarded a Certificate of Completion and got the highest points in my Practice Teaching. March 2020 should have been our graduation ceremony, but the school decided to postpone the event. There’s still no specific date [for] our graduation day, but I’m looking forward to wearing my black robe, marching down the aisle, being on the stage, and receiving my diploma.   

To the World Hope International and Child Sponsorship personnel and to my sponsor, thank you so much for supporting me financially from my Elementary, Secondary and Tertiary levels. Thank you for your constant love, support, and prayers. I’ll pray for you constantly and I would love to return your kindness through teaching and imparting my knowledge to the students.  

Child Sponsorship is important because so many lives have been changed, and I am one of those.

“The biggest impact of the Child Sponsorship Program in my life is I was able to finish my studies and achieve my dream to become an educator/teacher.”


Teacher, and WHI Child Sponsorship Program Alumna

Through the Child Sponsorship program, children are given hope to dream and achieve their goals in their lives. It brings brightness and hope in their eyes that they can hold and lift their diploma on stage saying “I AM A GRADUATE OF…” and undoubtedly, a fruitful future awaits them.   

The biggest impact of the Child Sponsorship Program in my life is I was able to finish my studies and achieve my dream to become an educator/teacher. Their financial and moral assistance was truly a big help to my studies as a counterpart to my parents.   

I would like to show my students what kind of future awaits them. God showed me how to and helped me to love teaching. Today, I am truly excited to teach and use what I have learned, impart my knowledge, and let my students see the beauty of learning. I have so many plans that I love to do with my students, I want to be a part of their success in the future, and help them to be mentally, physically, morally, and spiritually prepared when they are ready to face and deal with real-life situations.

I praised God for everything that I have and will achieve in life. To World Hope International and Child Sponsorship personnel, thank you for everything. You are God sent to me and to all those children under the Child Sponsorship program.

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