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Dr. Emelita Goddard

Cambodia Country Director
Location: Cambodia/Phnom Penh

Dr. Emelita Goddard is a community development strategist with more than 20 years of experience in design, management, monitoring, and evaluation of integrated community development programs for vulnerable communities and key affected populations in the Asia-Pacific Region. Throughout her career, Milet has maintained a special focus on at-risk women and children and survivors of gender-based violence. At World Hope, Milet is the organization’s lead strategist and program designer, responsible for setting and implementing the vision for programs to serve vulnerable communities throughout World Hope’s target countries. Prior to World Hope, Milet served as a consultant to USAID and France Expertise Internationale for the Global Fund’s Governing Body in Cambodia, World Health Organization, International Labour Organization, TEAR Australia, World Vision, and several other global development agencies. Milet holds a bachelor’s degree and a doctorate in Technical Science in Aquaculture, which she received from the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand through scholarship grants from the British and Australian governments.