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Wm. Patrick Nichols

Wm. Patrick Nichols

Interim President and Chief Executive Officer
Location: Alexandria, VA

Pat Nichols has been for more than 25 years Interim CEO for nonprofits facing turnarounds and other strategic transitions. He recently led a behavioral health group, C4 Chicago ( through a major turnaround, in the midst of Covid. He previously led Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service ( in restoring financial health, addressing a public relations crisis, a refugee crisis and collaborating with another agency to reunite the children separated from their parents at the US/Mexico border. Pat also led the start-up of a $500 million health research funder ( created by Congress and he led the turnaround of an 18-nation subsidiary ( of a $1 billion hospital system. He also advises groups facing similar transitions. Pat has led organizations in poverty, human rights, environment, energy, etc.